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Meet Kristina Patrick: The Minimalist Fashion Icon
Perfecting the monochrome palette, Kristina is effortlessly sleek and sophisticated. Always styled to minimalist perfection, she works the neutral colors by paying attention to impeccable details in her outfits. Her relaxed aesthetic and timeless style have caught our attention on Instagram! So guys, follow her for some tips on how to play up your wardrobe!
Find Kristina Patrick at @dayinmydreams.
// Tell us about yourself //
My name is Kristina, and I work as a Creative Content Creator for a marketing agency in NYC. I started a blog as a creative, expressive outlet for minimalist fashion and travel lifestyle. Based in the Eastern USA, day in my dreams follows a strong influence from global culture and inspired by dreams and the beauty found in all things. It is a journey through life, and a way of interpreting experiences through visual and written inspirations.


// Where are your favourite places to hangout? //

Coffee bars, outdoor cafes, or anywhere near the sea. I love to be outdoors, and with the people I love.


// Your pictures are awesome, where do you get inspirations from? //
Inspiration comes from everything. We live in a beautiful world, and something as simple as a leaf or the wind against your skin can create an image in your mind which can become a concept from which the photography process begins.

Kristina is wearing our Fresh Water Pearl Ring.
// What do you like about Chainless Brain? //
Chainless Brain not only designs beautiful quality pieces, but the finished work also has a sort of ethereal feel. A beauty that's mysterious and artistic. I like that - it takes you on a journey. And the packaging... to die for.


// Lastly, Any styling tips to your audience for taking awesome pictures? //
Work in the rule of thirds! It never fails for a balanced, effortless layout. Also, never under estimate the power of good lighting.

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