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January // Garnet:
Different from other Gemstones, Garnet has a wide spectrum of colors. From red, blue, green to many other colors, it is known for its power to regenerate and energize. It can bring peace and order to the things that is happening around you. If Garnet is your favorite stone, you are passionate and devoted. You are very clear of what you want in life and will give your all to achieve it.

February // Amethyst:
Chainless Brain's Amethyst NecklaceChainless Brain's Amethyst Bracelet
In ancient times, powerful and rich royals used Amethyst as a symbol of royalty. The purple gemstone,known as the wisdom stone, also represents, intelligence, creativity, piety and wealth. If you wear a lot of Amethyst, you are a calm and logical person that possess good leadership qualities.

March // Aquamarine:

Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, deriving its blue color from the presence of iron; the deep-blue category is called maxixe. This gem is connected with youth, love and hope. It also has purifying and healing powers. If you find yourself drawn to aquamarine, you are someone who loves being around your family. Although you love serenity, you can exhibit a fighter’s spirit when needed.

April // Diamond:

As clear as a teardrop, when light falls on it, the stone displays the colors of the rainbow. The diamond, known as the king of all crystals, is known to signify eternity, purity and clarity. Due to its hardness, it is also represents victory, strength and superiority. The stone helps cast away negativity and increase positivity. If you are a diamond lover, you have a positive attitude in things and life. You are independent and do not like to rely on others.

May // Emerald:
Representing Love, Communication and Truthfulness, the bright green gemstone is known to represent money. Emerald helps to bring stability in a relationship and friendship. This gemstone is also used to relieve emotions and allows you to think calmly. If you wear a lot of Emerald, not only are you a good communicator, you are also honest and real. Therefore a lot of people come to you for advice. You have a calming presence and soothes people with your words.

June // Pearl:
Fresh Water Pearl Ring from Chainless Brain  Pearl set from Chainless Brain

Pearl is composed of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, produced within the tissues of living shelled mollusks. Characteristics like chastity, modesty and stable marriage relationships are all attributed to pearls. It is believed that this gem has natural powers to relieve anxiety and promote good health. If you are usually drawn towards pearl items and accessories, you are likely to be of a nurturing and light-hearted character.

July // Ruby:
The bright red gemstone is known as the “stone of nobility”. Even though it is always associated with love, Ruby also has different meanings like prosperity, wealth and devotion. It is a powerful stone that protects the wearer from danger and negative thoughts. If Ruby is your favorite stone, you are courageous, confident and fearless, giving your best and taking control of your life. You are not afraid to speak your mind and will not hesitate to point out what is wrong.

August // Peridot:
Peridot is the gem-quality variant of the silicated mineral olivine. Western tradition suggests that this gorgeous green gemstone keeps evil, enchantments and depression at bay. In astrology, peridot is related to Mercury and helps harness the energy of the planet. If Peridot is your birthstone, you’d tend to exhibit a creative mindset toward problem-solving, are intelligent and adored for your zestful nature.

September // Sapphire:
Gems of Gems, the blue stone has a long history and represents wisdom, royalty, power and strength. Sapphire helps to relieve anxiety, sorrow and lessens confusion. In the past, it has been used in offerings for worship purposes as well as in the everyday realm. If you have a lot of blue sapphires, you are kind and is known for your wise judgment. Self disciplined, you keep everything in order and manages yourself well.

October // Opal:
Opal stone is unique in the gem kingdom. In Roman times opal was, next to Emerald, the most valuable gem. By reflected light, Opal displays the most beautiful iridescent colours in green, yellow, red, blue and violet. Opal is a stone that represents hope, innocence and purity that has strong connotations of happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. It is said to be a healing stone for eye infections and diseases, as well as the enhancement of other healing processes.

November // Topaz:

While topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine, citrine is a variety of quartz; both occur in yellow, orange, and brown hues. According to Western tradition, these stones provide strength and healing for body as well as mind. For the wearer, this is a talisman of good luck and fulfillment of materialistic desires. If you are linked to this birthstone, you are fair-minded, friendly, exhibit a flexible nature, but have great mental strength.

December // Turquoise:
Perhaps the oldest stone in man’s history, Turquoise has many different meanings, representing wisdom, honesty, protection and immorality. Having the ability to change colors, it was often used in divining. It is believed to ensure good fortune and clear thinking in the mind when in confusion. If turquoise is your signature gemstone, you are most likely borned with healing abilities and is empathetic. You will look at things from different angles, understanding others more.

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