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Do you remember that friend who stayed by you whenever you screwed up? The one who brought over your favourite tubs of ice cream and binged with you when you had a nasty breakup? That friend who always answers or replies to your calls and texts no matter how busy she is?
Many times, it is easy to take the things we have and people we cherished for granted. We get busy and absorbed with other matters in life that seemed “more important” and we forgot the truly most important people around us.
Here are 5 different gift ideas to express your love and appreciation to your best friend.
1. Write her a card
(Source: The Paper Bunny)

It may sound mushy to some, but this is an especially great gift for those friends who cherish acts of services rather than conventional gifts.
2. Arrange a quality ‘date’ with your bff

Time is invaluable. Instead of the usual shopping or cafe hopping, how about signing the both of you up for something more meaningful? Be it an art jamming, pottery or jewellery making workshop as long you spend good quality time doing things together.
3. Small Gifts
Chainless Brain's Best Friend Bracelet
While physical gifts are not everything, it is human nature to enjoy pretty trinkets. It does not need to be something pricey, it could be something small but bears meaning. Customising a necklace or bracelet to something that she could wear daily will be more special than buying off-the-rack type of gifts. Email to customise unique accessories or friendship bracelets.
4. Bake for them

You might not be a great cook nor baker. Good news that we are living in the 21st century, you can always find tutorial videos which teaches you how to bake your best friend’s favourite dessert. Surprise her after school or work with a homemade dessert, this sweet gift will definitely perk her up after a long exhausting day.
5. A Book

One can always read a good book no matter how old they are. Find a meaningful book that will help to be a guide when she needs comfort, reassurance or motivation. Scribble a personal note within the book when you gift it to her!

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