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Haute couture is inherently a push-and-pull of old and new: old techniques, new materials; old silhouettes, new interpretations, just like a cycle that never ends. We have always been a Dior fan and look up for Dior's fashion trends, culture and inspirations.

Paris Fashion Week for Haute Couture has just ended not too long and we would like to share what we really love about the collection from Dior. We absolutely see ourselves wearing some of those pieces even we are heading out for our meetings or a day out with our besties.

Black and white can be boring, but it is definitely timeless. Unlike the usual dreamy, vibrant mood and the H-A-Y silhouette lines Dior has, the Fall-Winter couture collection has non-uptight approach and relaxed impression. We definitely like to keep a piece for ourselves! That's if we could afford it.
Favourite picks from Dior Haute Couture
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Apparently, with the new Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, who stepped up to take charge of the design direction, the editors were not as impressive as they thought they will be.

What says you?

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