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Hello Everyone!
We're back with another exciting pop-up event story to share with you. Guess where we were last October 1st?

Denis Keller at Soulscape Singapore, Tanjong Beach Club, Chainless Brain

We were at Singapore’s Soulscape Festival - the mindful movement festival, also known to us as the yearly yoga music festival anticipated by all yogis! The festival combined the beach, music, food, shopping and yoga all in one place at Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa.

There was a wide range of pop-ups that sold accessories, food, drinks, fashion and lifestyle products. The healthy meal options were my favorite aspect of the festival. DoSiRak, the Korean word for bento, served balanced meals with rice, vegetables, and proteins. Another favorite meal option of mine was Absolute Acai. Their bowls and cups of frozen acai berry purée topped with fresh fruit are now my go-to guilt-free dessert. There was also the presence of some social entrepreneurs who founded companies where social, cultural and community solutions drive their missions, like Made Real, Freedom Cups, Ahsim Accessories and many more!

Chainless Brain at Soulscape, Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa, Singapore

We were thrilled to be involved with this event since we could do pop-up and join the yoga classes as well. Who doesn't love white sand, beach, yoga and a beautiful tan? Our team came early to set up our booth, where we featured all the latest designs of our handmade jewelry that is made from different kinds of gemstones. There never exist two pieces that look exactly the same. Check out our new designs here!

There were different yoga classes and events happening throughout the day, including awesome DJs whose music hyped up and energized the crowd into the evening! It was beautiful to see tons of people doing yoga by the beach , relaxing on the beach and really getting in touch with their inner yogis. It was really a mindful movement! Stay tuned for our next pop-up adventure.

Until next time.

The Chainless B Team

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